Here are the top 10 stories in terms of page views from the past year on

  1. AVMA Proposes Elimination Of Farrier Exemption From Veterinary Practice Act
  2. Try Beeswax To Combat Fungi And Bacteria
  3. Researchers Find Promise In Laminitis Prevention Drug
  4. Where Are Most Western Horse Lamenesses?
  5. AVMA Clarifies Proposed Farrier Exemption Elimination, Shifts Onus Onto States
  6. Do Copper-Coated Nails Benefit Hoof Wall?
  7. The Reluctant Remedial Shoer
  8. In Conversation With Arnie Gervasio
  9. Veterinary Group Backs Off Changes To Farrier Exemption
  10. Laminitis: Research And Recommendations On Management For Horse Owners And Horse Care Professionals

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