Arnie Gervasio has been shoeing horses since the 1960s. Over those years, he has seen trends come and go, has worked in multiple disciplines and has built a successful multi-farrier practice.

These experiences made him an interesting interviewee for a podcast with Jeremy McGovern back in February 2017. Jeremy chatted with Arnie about shoeing high-end sport horses in Florida and other notable aspects of Gervasio's storied career. If you're aspiring to be a farrier who travels and works with those horses, Arnie shows that it's not all big dollars and glamour. Keeping these horses competing is a tough challenge, and the clients can be even tougher.

Overall, Arnie has a lot of great insight about shoeing sport horses and other farrier issues. We have arranged the transcript of the original podcast by topic in this Web-Exclusive Feature. To read the transcript, please click through to the next page.