This page lists material that supplements the September/October 2018 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Mark Caldwell Podcats

Podcast interview with Mark Caldwell

(Supplement to "Briefings" on page 14.)

More insight from Sandy Johnson, James Gilchrist and other farriers on providing hoof care at world-class equestrian


(Supplement to "Elite Footcare At WEB" on page 16.)

More knowledge about horsemanship

(Supplement to "3 Ways To Boost Your Income by 25%" on page 58.)

Remembering Dick Harris

The Best Of The Best

Song about Dick Harris by Ray Legel – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Remembering Dick Harris" on page 70.)

Remembering Lee Liles

Remembering Lee Liles

National Museum of Horseshoeing Tools video tour

(Supplement to "Remembering Lee Liles" on page 72.)