Build Your Brand And Image

The real force behind getting new business is a farrier’s ability to market a practice. Marketing isn’t reserved just for large-scale businesses. Independent contractors, like farriers, must effectively promote their business to sustain and grow it.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking. Some farriers may be marketing, but haven’t yet realized it. Hanging a promotional flier at a feed store or the quality of your work for your existing clients are example of marketing. 

A key concept of marketing that one must understand is branding. A business brand serves a similar purpose — it lets potential customers quickly assess who and what you’re all about and whether your services or products are a good fit for their needs.

However, a well-built brand is more than a logo and a website. Your brand is akin to your professional reputation and identity, and if you’re not taking steps to craft your own, you might be missing out on a competitive advantage.

They’re Sizing You Up

Even if you haven’t consciously developed your brand, you’ll have one by default.

“Your name will be associated with a brand whether positive or negative, because it’s based on what people remember about you,” says Dean Moshier of The Balanced Hoof and Horse, Inc., in Delaware, Ohio. 

“How many times have we heard a horse owner say, ‘That farrier hit my horse!’ That’s the kind of thing that makes a lasting impression to the client; they’ll remember if you showed up on time or late…

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