The late International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame member Lee Liles will be honored through his love of horseshoeing tools.

Chuck Milne, owner of Texas Farrier Supply, has been working to create three anvil urns that will hold Liles’s ashes. Former American Farrier’s Association President Dick Fanguy talked about the memorial for the lost legend. 

“Jim Keith did a rendering of Lee, his face, and it’s going to be attached on the side of the anvil,” Fanguy told American Farriers Journal. The anvils are made of A356 aluminum.

There will be three anvils to hold Liles’s ashes. One will go to his wife Alma, the other to his daughter Samantha, and the last to the museum Liles founded, the National Museum of Horseshoeing Tools.

“Lee was the only one who really recorded the history,” Fanguy says.

Liles founded the National Museum of Horseshoeing Tools after his own personal collection had grown, and he wanted to share it with others. The museum remains open to the public by appointment after his passing.

The anvils will be part of the Lee Liles Memorial and Oklahoma Farrier's Association (OFA) Fall Clinic in Sulphur, Okla., during the weekend of Nov. 9-10, 2018.