Hoof-Care Product Roundup

Vetericyn Hoof Care and Hoof Soak



For hooves with sole & frog damage caused by abscesses, white line separation, and thrush. Deep-penetrating formulas purge & remove pathogens & enhance overall hoof health.

Manage thrush, white line, and seedy toe with Vetericyn Hoof Care. It sprays onto the sole and frog for complete coverage and is proven to flush out contaminants and repair damaged hooves quickly.

For abscesses and advanced cases of white line separation and thrush use Vetericyn Hoof Soak. It purges & removes hoof-eating microbes and penetrates deep into hoof cavity. Plus, it’s guaranteed to improve hoof condition after just one application!


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JB Aluminum shoes


JB Aluminum shoes are constructed of high quality aluminum that allows them to be shaped without losing their strength. Their combo bar shoe can be made into Heart Bar, Window Bar, or Mushroom & Straight Bar. Just cut out any section of the shoe to do the job and save the day.  Available only from farrier distributors.



JXL ShockTamer™ dual-density pads 


ShockTamer™ dual-density polyurethane pads have a forty-year history of supporting all horses’ best health. ShockTamer™ pads are modeled after Nike™ running shoes which minimize impact-related injuries for performance athletes.


ShockTamer™ pads ' patented design are built to absorb and dissipate up to thirty six percent of the concussion that happens during activities such as racing, jumping, or endurance riding. Extreme conditions like snow, ice, and hot sand are no match for ShockTamer™ pads that isolate the hoof from those surfaces.


ShockTamer™ pads can even reset again and again without losing their shape or effectiveness. Trusted by owners, trainers, and farriers alike for aiding great horses around the world.


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JXL Shock Tamer dual-density pads