Including products from Life Data Labs, TLC Animal Nutrition and Vetericyn!

Hoof-Care Product Roundup

Farrier's Formula from Life Data Labs


Farrier’s Formula® is the #1 recommended hoof supplement in the farrier industry and has been used to promote hoof health, growth, and strength since its conception in the late 1970s. By recommending Farrier’s Formula® to your clients, you recommend a trusted product that has been tested and proven through years of nutritional research, clinical trials, and field testing.

Farrier’s Formula® provides essential nutrients to improve overall hoof quality and help prevent and address thrown shoes, hoof abscesses, hoof cracks, thin soles, and other hoof-related issues. This is why Farrier’s Formula® has become an essential tool for better hooves.


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Life Data Labs

Equi-Bone by TLC Animal Nutrition


Providing the best of what the industry has to offer, Equi-Bone by TLC Animal Nutrition is #1 in equine bone health. There can be several contributing factors in the development of bone loss and related issues (ringbone, sidebone, navicular, bone spurs and chips, bone bruising and fractures) in horses.

Most research suggests that these complications are most affected by activity, such as high impact disciplines, conformation, nutrition and possibly even genetics. That is why mineral balance and availability play an essential role in the ability of the body to maintain a healthy bone structure. TLC Animal Nutrition products are designed to meet the needs of the equine athlete.

Whether you are looking for bone, joint, hoof or an all-in-one supplement, TLC welcomes the opportunity to discuss your horses' nutritional needs.


You can reach us at 1-888-508-2290, online at or on Facebook at TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc.


Equibone pellets

Vetericyn Hoof Care and Hoof Soak


Mobility Hoof Soak is for abscesses and advanced cases of white line separation and thrush. It penetrates deep into the hoof cavity to purge & remove hoof-eating microbes. Plus, it’s guaranteed to improve hoof condition after just one application! 


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Lamar Weaver Handmade Hoof Knives at Horseshoes Plus



Lamar Weaver Handmade Hoof Knives are all made by hand from start to finish by Lamar himself. These drop and curved blade knives are available in wide, narrow, right and left handed models. Each handle is designed to relieve pressure on your wrist while providing the leverage you need. Lamar has spent years working on this design, listening to feedback from other farriers and polishing his craftsmanship, today is a great day to try what might become your favorite knife!


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Hoof Knives from Horseshoes Plus