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March 2010 AFJ

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March 2010

Volume: 36
Edition: 2

American Farriers Journal is the “hands-on” magazine for professional farriers, equine veterinarians and horse care product and service buyers.

  • Table Of Contents

    Table Of Contents


    My 20 Summit "Hey" Moments

    The seventh installment of the International Hoof-Care Summit provided many sessions that resonated with this Hall Of Famer
    Have you ever picking up a plate at an upscale dinner buffet and perused the offerings when you are very hungry? Your first impulse is to try to devour everything before you because it all looks so good. After you realize that is impossible, you have to make some difficult decisions on what to load on your plate.
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    International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame

    Hall Doors Open For Four Farriers, Two Veterinarians

    Six outstanding professionals are honored for service to horses and the hoof-care industry
    Four farriers and a pair of equine veterinarians were added to the rosters of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame during a ceremony at the International Hoof-Care Summit on Thursday, Feb. 4 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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    Biomechanics and Hoof Care

    Researchers are gathering data that will help dictate what farriers, trainers and veterinarians will do in the future
    The first time Jeff Thomason attached strain gauges to a horse's hoof was also the first step on what turned out to be a pretty ambitious quest.
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    Thorough Lameness Exam Starts Before you Pick up a Hoof

    Equine veterinarian urges Summit attendees to use more than their eyes when evaluating horses
    Harry Werner, an equine veterinarian from North Granby, Mass., and past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, believes that a thorough equine foot examination in lameness cases should begin long before you pick up the horse's foot.
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    Farriers' Roundtable

    How do you correct a horse that’s pigeon-toed on the front end? How would you shoe that particular horse so after a certain amount of time, it will have an ideal position?
    How do you correct a horse that’s pigeon-toed on the front end? How would you shoe that particular horse so after a certain amount of time, it will have an ideal position?
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    Shoeing for a Living

    Shoeing Together in the Heartland

    Bringing different experiences to the job, Jerry and Charity Mathews have developed a comprehensive shoeing practice in Kansas
    When you read the first timestamp for this "Shoeing For A Living," you may think that this day started slightly late. While it may be true that many farriers usually have a foot in the air by 9 a.m., this isn't a case of the subject - or editor - sleeping in.
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    Brumby Research In Australia

    A film documents a group’s study of Australia’s feral horse
    The image of wild horses running free appeals to nearly everyone. The sight of their beauty, strength and grace are magnificent to watch. I think it invokes that inner wish in all of us to be free and independent.
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    Just the Facts?

    Equine vet Dave Ramey says results from shoeing studies don’t always agree with past practices and assumptions
    For decades, farriers have held to long-accepted standards and practices. Yet how accurate are these dogmatic principles?
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    Online with the Farriers' Forum

    Hoof Wall is Pulling Away from Sole

    My Thoroughbred was slightly lame for 3 weeks. He seemed fine out in the pasture, but was definitely sore when worked in the arena. I’m not sure if it was because he just had his shoes pulled or because the ground recently froze and his feet needed time to adjust without shoes.
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    Local Association Spotlight

    Knights Seeking Farriers for Quest Against Cancer

    Quixote Project paladins need horseshoers’ help during fund-raising cross-country ride
    Wearing full medieval armor, Bill Underwood and his son, also named Bill, will ride horseback across the United States, staging fund-raisers for cancer research.
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