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METALLURGY: How Much Do You Need To Know?

While not necessary to shoe horses, a working knowledge of how steel is made and reacts to heat and pressure can make a good career great
If you’re a horseshoer, you work with metal every day. But how much do you have to really know about metallurgy — the science underlying the working of metal — to be successful? That might depend on how you define success and what kind of farrier you want to be.
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Red Flags for Farriers

Is it Time to Toss that Tool?

Look for the signs that your implements are beyond repair
As wear and tear takes its toll on our tools, a farrier's instinct is to tweak, maintain or fix it. There are times, though, when we should resist our natural tendency to repair it.
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Punches and Fullers and Shoes That Stay On

Often taken for granted while they take a pounding day after day, punches and fullers are important tools in sound fundamental shoeing

It’s easy to overlook punches and fullers, tools that are beat on every day, often abused and replaced relatively often. But remember, Chip Hunt says, “The main thing holding a horseshoe on is a nail head that fits the shoe. It’s the nail head fitting tight and contacting with the shoe on all four sides of the nail.”

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