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The Widest Part of the Foot

A study of locating internal hoof structures from external references
A primary hoof-care goal always has been to trim the hoof so that it provides support and stability to the distal phalanx (hence the bony column), regardless of whether a horse is being shod or left barefoot.
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Get Paid for Driving

A recent e-mail survey of American Farriers Journal readers indicated that many respondents are now adding trip fees, fuel charges or mileage fees to footcare invoices

Call it a trip fee, barn call, flat mileage charge, fuel surcharge or whatever. Regardless of how you define it, more farriers than ever before are looking at charging the fee as a means to keep fuel and other costs in line.

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DVD Reviews

These reviews offer valuable insight into DVDs that are worth viewing in two categories: professional farrier category for those wishing to learn more about shoeing ideas, and the horse owner category for those hoof-care professionals wanting to provide clients with new ideas on understanding corrective shoeing ideas.
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“This Conference Is The One For Me”

More than 775 attendees at last winter’s International Hoof-Care Summit say no other event can match it for intensive learning

Whether you’re looking for new footcare ideas, new products to improve the quality and efficiency of your work or seeking new ways to hold costs in line, you’ll want to make sure that you’re in Cincinnati next February for the 6th annual International Hoof-Care Summit.

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David Farmilo

Fending Off Flares

Australian farrier believes managing these hoof distortions will prevent bigger problems and alleviate most lamenesses
Flares are an all-too-common foot problem, but to David Farmilo, they are a lot more than that. The Australian farrier believes that rather than simply being a symptom of an underlying problem, flares are a major problem in and of themselves.
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Horse Racing

"Handedness" in Horses

An Australian farrier's observations on side dominance in horses' feet

Horses don’t have hands, of course, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a dominant side. And this left- or right-handedness is an important concern for farriers, trainers and riders.

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David Farmilo
Farrier Innovations

Balancing The Hoof My Way

Australian farrier says his method can eliminate many common hoof problems

What does it mean to “Balance the Hoof?” Ask a farrier if he balances a hoof and he will say, “Yes.” Ask him to describe how he balances it and he will generally describe very convoluted ways of doing so without having any specific reference points for others to copy.

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