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Contrary To Popular Opinion

Research indicates that the positive effects of particular shoe selection for Western Pleasure horses are guided by the perceptions of judges and trainers rather than reality
Many trainers and owners often try to convince a farrier to adopt a certain style of trimming or shoeing based on a myriad of factors. Sometimes the motivation comes from a belief that a particular change will improve the horse’s overall performance, resulting in better scores from judges.
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Hammer & Anvil

Fishtail Forging for Calgary

Mastering this forging challenge will add a useful support device to your shoeing bag of tricks and also let you share in Calgary Mail-In Shoeing Exercise prizes

Believe it or not, it is already time to start working on another Calgary Mail-In shoe.

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Breaking in Keg Shoes

Breaking in Keg Shoes

California farrier says making a few minor adjustments improves the fit.

When you buy a new pair of boots, they may need a little “breaking in” before they’ll fit comfortably.

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Donald Jones

One-Time Barber, All-Time Farrier

From shoer and educator to designer and manufacturer, Donald Jones has covered a lot of ground in farriery

“C’MON IN AND HAVE A SEAT,” says Donald Jones, showing the way to a barber’s chair in the middle of the room. Jones sits down in an old office chair and turns away from a messy desktop in a corner of the slightly cluttered, dark-paneled office.

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Online With The Farriers' Forum

Shoe Wear, Level Correlation

Q: I shoe Standardbred racehorses and I’ve been taught that if a horse is wearing his shoe down on one side more so than the other, then this is the side that needs to be lowered when it’s time to reshoe them. 

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Florida... Where Winter Shoeing Is Jumping

There's plenty of excitement and shoeing work when 4,000 horses, 5,000 participants and 228 farriers head to southern Florida for the winter equestrian season.
WHEN TEMPERATURES dip below the freezing mark in the northern states, hundreds of thousands of retired folks head for Florida for anywhere from a week to a few months to enjoy the warm winter weather.
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