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Strategies to Manage Thin-Soled Horses

Thin soles can occur for a number of reasons, but a good management plan can help these horses remain active and comfortable
Thin-soled horses can be a challenge. Thin soles chronically plague some horses, likely an inherited trait, while others can experience an acute case as the result of the environment, a recent trimming or as a side effect of another foot pathology, such as laminitis.
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Remembering Bob Peacock

Friends and admirers recall what the Hall Of Fame farrier meant to the industry and their lives
On July 12, 2017, Bob Peacock, a major figure in the hoof-care community and founder of the wide-web aluminum shoe, passed away at the age of 78.
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Matty Spinelli: Farrier With A Hammer Hand

Florida shoer lost his hand more than 60 years ago, but he never stopped shoeing horses
The stories of farrier courage, persistence and dedication are the stuff of legend. The desire to finish what is started transcends broken bones, failed muscles and severed blood vessels. Fortunately, most of these calamities have to be endured for only a short period.
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Dealing With Thin-Soled Shoes

Soles get thin for a variety of reasons figuring out which one is the key to treating a case properly
The sole is the guardian that shields the sensitive structures of the hoof from contact with the outside world. Acting as the primary barrier against ground surface trauma, it is designed to handle concussion naturally; however, it seems that this once efficient protector has become one of the most abused structures of a horse’s anatomy.
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