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Spotlight On Hoof Care

Horse Owner Education Clinic Helps Solidify Client/Farrier Relationships

The Midwest Horseshoeing School’s horse owner clinic helped educate horse owners and bridge the gap between farrier knowledge and understanding their clients
People don’t always have access to all of the information, or the information they find isn’t always accurate. With their horse owner clinic, the Midwest Horseshoeing School aimed to create a network between equine practitioners and horse owners to solidify the equine community in the area.
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How to Shoe a Moving Object

Hooves will distort between shoeings, so learn to use landmarks of balance to help you manage any problems
As farriers, I believe we look at a hoof differently than other horsemen — at least other horsemen who do not shoe horses regularly.
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Farriers' Roundtable

Some Quarter Horse trainers and owners want aluminum shoes with a lot of backup and squared-off toes. But won't this hurt the knees if the toes roll over?
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