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Seeing the Invisible Illness

Post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t have to rule your life, damage your career or define your identity
For farrier Steve McConnell, the day his life changed started out like any other. One moment, the Waterford, Ontario, native was absorbed in the ordinary task of fueling his shoeing rig for the week; the next, he was drowning in a powerful vortex of emotions and memories he’d spent years trying to forget.
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Research Journal: March 2018

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
X-Rays And Cutting Horses Researchers examined presale radiographs of 343 Quarter Horses in training to identify lesions associated with the likelihood of competing in cutting events, the likelihood of earning money and the amount of money earned during their 3- and 4-year-old years.
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Heed the Warning Signs for Stress

Long-time shoer turned counselor offers coping strategies to avoid burnout, which can prematurely end a farrier career
Harry Trosin loved his job. The Oklahoma shoer simply couldn’t wait to get to work each morning for more than 30 years. Then it all changed.
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Don’t Overlook The Hind Feet

Two common pathologies can negatively affect the hind foot structures and the horse’s overall performance
Farriers and equine veterinarians sometimes seem more concerned with a horse's front feet and tend to overlook the hind feet or leave them unshod.
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The Earth is Not Flat

Meaning horses spend very little time moving over level ground — something Scott Lampert says you need to keep in mind while your shoeing

Farriers do a lot of things on the level. They shoe horses standing on mats. They evaluate a horse as it’s walked on level ground, toward and away from them. If they look at a radiograph, odds are every effort was made to make sure the horse’s foot was level when it was shot.

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