Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Allison Armstrong Rehnborg is a free­lance writer and pho­tog­­ra­pher from Nashville, Tenn. She has been pub­lished by several equine titles.



Maximize Hoof Care by Thoroughly Evaluating the Whole Horse

Assess how balance, posture and muscular development effect the hoof capsule
Using a “big picture” approach of assessing the whole horse — from topline to toes — can identify factors in the animal’s body that might affect hoof shape and condition. Paying attention to how a horse uses its body can provide a farrier with practical insights into the best way to trim or shoe the animal to maximize its performance potential, says Mike Stine, a Marshville, N.C., farrier and own­er of Equine Dy­namics.
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Soft Tissue Injuries
Farrier Tips

A Simple Strategy to Manage Client Expectations for a Lame Horse’s Recovery

Just as lameness evaluations vary from farrier to farrier, diagnostic procedures for lameness vary from veterinarian to veterinarian. Many lame horses might see a variety of veterinarians or farriers over the course of an episode of lameness. To mitigate this from happening, as well as help the horse, it’s important to manage a client’s expectations of their horse’s recovery.
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Strategies for Troubleshooting Soft Tissue Injuries in the Western Performance Horse

Thorough lameness evaluations and thoughtful shoeing prescriptions play a key role in helping horses recover from soft tissue injuries
From platelet-rich plasma to tendon splitting and beyond, there is a plethora of effective therapies available for veterinarians to treat soft tissue injuries in horses. These therapies work to speed healing in the soft tissues by addressing inflammation, increasing blood flow and more — but there is another aspect of care that assists with healing.
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How Nutrition Affects the Horses' Hoof

Equine feet will reflect diertary deficiencies and excesses in their outward appearance
From hoof quality to athletic ability, good nutrition influences every aspect of a horse’s health. Nutritional imbalances result when a horse is fed too little or too much of a nutrient. Quality forage and grain should provide the bulk of a horse’s nutritional needs, but supplements also may be needed to balance a horse’s ration.
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Seeing the Invisible Illness

Post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t have to rule your life, damage your career or define your identity
For farrier Steve McConnell, the day his life changed started out like any other. One moment, the Waterford, Ontario, native was absorbed in the ordinary task of fueling his shoeing rig for the week; the next, he was drowning in a powerful vortex of emotions and memories he’d spent years trying to forget.
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Detecting and Treating Subsolar Abscesses

A conservative approach may provide relief without compromising overall hoof integrity
Your client called. Her horse is three-legged lame, and she thinks it’s an abscess. What should you do? For many farriers, the answer is easy: evaluate the lameness, and if it’s an abscess, drain the infection and keep the hoof clean and dry afterward.
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UC Davis Treats White Line Disease with Surgical Laser

Innovative approach eliminates previously undetectable pockets of bacteria and fungus
From diagnosis to management, white line disease presents a multitude of challenges for the farrier, the veterinarian and the horse owner. An umbrella term for infections that attack the innermost layers of the hoof, white line disease often has multiple pathologies, which can make it difficult to treat successfully.
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Is Cryptocurrency The New Frontier In The Farrier Industry?

Supplier sees digital money as the future of retail and international trade
Is cryptocurrency the money of the future? While older generations of farriers buy supplies from brick-and-mortar stores, younger generations are ordering from their smartphones. Steve Hoselton of Lexington, Ill.-based Anvil Brand believes digital money could be the future.
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