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Matching The Shoe To The Job

Experienced farriers say the choice should be based on a number of factors, many of which have nothing to do with the shoe itself
There is no shortage of horseshoes, in size, style or material. It will take no more than a few minutes inside a well-stocked supply store to convince anyone of that. Jeff Ridley, a farrier from Leighton, Iowa, recently was struck by that fact during a clinic at Anvil Brand’s headquarters in Lexington, Ill. The clinician was Shayne Carter of West Mountain, Utah.
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Shoeing for a Living

True to Fundamentals, Forward Thinking

A day with Minnesota farrier Mark Thorkildson delivered a mixed bag of horses and a consistent approach to quality work
Ramsey, Minn., farrier Mark Thorkildson grew up around horses. During his youth, the work by the farriers who shod his family's horses didn’t spark Thorkildson's interest in footcare. It wasn't necessarily that their work was bad, but these shoers were in-and-out backyard practitioners. Nothing stood out about their work with horses that would catch the eye of a novice.
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Just the Facts?

Equine vet Dave Ramey says results from shoeing studies don’t always agree with past practices and assumptions
For decades, farriers have held to long-accepted standards and practices. Yet how accurate are these dogmatic principles?
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How To

Get More Efficient When Applying Polysteel Shoes

These flexible shoes from EquiFlex and Equine Digit Support Systems are ideal for horses facing interfering or forging concerns

Non-traditional horseshoes are becoming increasingly popular among both farriers and horse owners. However, these shoes often require application methods that are considerably different from traditional steel shoes. 

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Mitch Rawlings
Shoeing For A Living

Extremely Efficient Shoeing In Steamy Southern Illinois

Midwestern farrier wastes little time during a “typical” but hot, scorching day

ON A DAY WHEN the temperature easily climbs into the triple digits, Illinois farrier Mitch Rawlings, 44, an American Farrier’s Association (AFA) Certified Journeyman Farrier (CJF), only sees one way to shoe a horse — efficiently. 

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Online With the Farriers' Forum

A number of different questions were posed this past month regarding shoeing basics
A number of different questions were posed this past month regarding shoeing basics
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Shoeing For A Living

Practices What He Preaches

Several times a year, this shoer is called upon to decide who's capable of being certified as a farrier. The rest of the time, he practices what he preaches while delivering the best care to his clients’ horses
The AFA examiner conjures up a feeling that seems to demand respect, doesn’t it?
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