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Toe Mechanics

Taking away the toes hurts the horse more than it helps
In recent years, there has been an abundance of published information on the length of toe affecting normal function of the horse’s limb.
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The Backyard Horse

Problems Tend to Pile up on the Feet of Backyard Horses

Informal survey of most common issues for these horses indicates that when owners fail to address one problem, it often leads to others.
Farriers who spend a lot of time providing hoof care of backyard horses should be forgiven if they sometimes feel as if they're being swamped by a cascading torrent of foot problems. It seems to go with the territory.
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William Moyer

Farriers Can Help Expand Vet Student Education

Here’s your chance to help veterinary medicine institutions do a much better job of communicating trimming and shoeing skills to students, staff and clients

Educating “tomorrow’s equine practitioner” continues to be a major challenge as the information explosion and the public’s demand for medical excellence continue to grow and expand. When it comes to educating veterinary students, the ability to provide essential training, expertise and experience in all disciplines, as well as with a myriad of species, means some aspects of veterinary medical education may only be lightly covered.

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Rig Accommodates Farrier Who Can't Go Home Again

Distances to problem horses require therapeutic shoer to have everything he needs for custom fittings
NINETY PERCENT of the horses that Rob Spencer shoes are laminitic or have other serious foot problems. His emphasis on therapeutic shoeing dictates the design and content of his rig.
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