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What’s Causing Pastern Dermatitis in Horses?

No one likes red, itchy feet, especially your horse. A quick fix, one might think, is to slather some salve on your horse’s red or crusty skin, and it’ll just go away, but pastern dermatitis in horses can’t be fixed by store-bought lotions. In fact, covering up the lesions, scabs or crust can make the problem worse. If left untreated, the problem on your horse’s legs could lead to frustration, discomfort and soundness issues, according to Kentucky Equine Research.
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“Miracle” Horse Competitively Jumps Despite Missing Part Of Coffin Bone

New Jersey farrier creates shoeing package that keeps warmblood in the show ring
Czantis appears to be like any other equine athlete. Make no mistake, though, this 11-year-old gray gelding is rare. While Czantis has found modest success competing as an amateur hunter-jumper, the warmblood’s greatest achievement is that he’s in the ring at all.
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Get A Leg Up On Common Foot Woes

Hoof-care professionals share strategies to prevent and stop thrush and white line disease
One of the consequences of domestic life for horses is hoof disease. Diet and heredity, along with confinement, contribute to certain serious conditions of the hoof.
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New Concerns Occur With Pasture-Induced Laminitis

As the grass starts to grow and turn green this spring, many of your footcare clients will be concerned about potential laminitis problems. While it's a legitimate concern, some data I've come across recently from Rutgers University researchers indicates there may be other laminitis issues than just lush grass.
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Research Journal

Researchers compared to the usefulneness of computed tomography (CT), contract enhanced CT (CECT) and low field magnetic resonance imaging (LFMRI) to identify lesions causing lameness in 31 limbs of 23 horses. All horses had laeness localized to the foot with dagnostic nerve blocks, lameness localized to the foot with diagnostic nerve blocks, and the average duration of lameness was 10 months.
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