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More On Hot Shaping Shoes:

Trim, Shape, Measure The Foot

It all depends on your perspective of the question. If you are referring to the shoe selection and shaping of the shoe hot vs. cold then my advice would be to trim, shape and measure the foot before going to the anvil.
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Slick Tips for Sliding Plates

Texas farrier offers advice on how to help reining horses earn those all-important extra fractions of a point
Choosing the right sliding plate to be used on a reining horse isn't easy. Farriers must take conformation, performance, footing and other factors into consideration when shoeing these equine athletes. Because events are frequently won by fractions of a point, proper shoeing is vital.
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Holly Kuchera

Gaining Advantage

Farriers get an edge from knowing how quarter cracks form—beware hoof wall stress and poor conformation

Talking about quarter cracks, equine veterinarian and farrier Stephen O’Grady says, “There are a lot of different causes. Some we don’t fully understand.

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