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Should Farriers Give Clients Tack Advice?

Some provide insight, some decline, but most recommend experts
Some horse owners might have a slew of equine professionals at their fingertips - trainers, instructors, veterinarians, nutritionists and fitters. Yet, others are on their own and trust one of the equine professionals they interact with - their farrier.
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Online with the Farrier's Forum

Conflicting Advice for Lame Horse

I'm working with a 9-year-old gelding Quarter Horse with bone spurs and possibly early onset navicular. X-rays and an ultrasound taken last year show mild, decreased vascularization of the navicular, an anterior/superior spur (small and slightly rounded) on the coffin bone and a sharp spur on the navicular bursa. The horse has been lame for 18 months.
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Alternatives to Traditional Shoes

Having proved themselves much more than a fad years ago, non-metal shoes have become essential tools for many farriers in helping horses
Non-metal horseshoes, in their most rudimentary form, date back to the ancients with a grass sandal protecting the hoof. In the modern era, as technology advanced, farriers gained a variety of options made from synthetic materials.
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Welding from your Rig

Whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran, consider these thoughts about welding out of your shoeing truck or trailer
With today’s creative, organized and larger designs of shoeing trucks and trailers, farriers can carry the necessary equipment to tackle almost any shoeing demand that a hoof can present.
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Signposts of the Hoof

An informal survey finds many different landmarks are used to guide hoof trimming
Just about all farriers and hoof-care professionals acknowledge that the trim is the foundation of good hoof care. There isn’t much argument about that.
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Digital Farrier Series

Integrating Digital Photography with your Work

Affordable and compact, digital cameras are helping farriers document their work and adjust their approach to business
Using cameras to catalog your work isn't a new idea to farriery. Until recently, many shoers would use a 35 mm film camera to document horses' feet. In those days, one would shoot pictures, turn in the film at a developer and, a few days later when the pictures were ready, collect the photos and hope they turned out OK.
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No Easy Fuel Choice for Shoeing Rigs

Whether it’s diesel, gas, propane or waste vegetable oil, there’s no consensus among horseshoers as to the best fuel for their trucks
With diesel now costing more than gas, many farriers are convinced that a gas-powered rig is the best way to go. Yet there are still some distinct advantages for driving a diesel-powered truck.
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