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Farrier Wes Champagne Shares Hoof-Care Contributions

Wes Champagne has shod racetrack legends, including American Pharoah, Justify and more recently, Accelerate. He’s offering up some trade knowledge about his contributions, innovations and techniques that have led horses with a stone bruise to later win the Triple Crown, as reported by the Thoroughbred Daily News.
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How Yoga Can Help Your Footcare Practice

Wyoming farrier credits system of poses and breathing techniques for avoiding hip and knee surgery and prolonging his career
Long days working under horses that weigh more than 1,000 pounds take a toll on a farrier’s body. A farrier for more than 30 years, Mitch Shelhamer knows this all-too-well.
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Keeping Fit By Stretching And Strengthening Key Muscles

Crouching under a horse and banging on an anvil 8 hours a day, 5 or more days a week wears down the body over years of work. Farriers’ backs become stiff and sore, tennis elbow can develop and carpal tunnel can debilitate hands and wrists. In such a physical profession, any injury can mean time away from work and money lost. These worries may seem like a long way off to farriers who are just starting out, but certain practices put into effect now can help prevent ache and injury later.

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Dealing with Quarter Cracks and Sheared Heels

Double-trim method found effective in removing cause of the problem
Spontaneous quarter cracks a hoof problem than often causes pain and lameness — are actually anything but spontaneous, according to Hans H. Castelijns, a veterinarian and farrier of Spanish origin, who now practices in Italy.
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Shoeing for Founder

This case deals with a seriously dropped sole, damaged hoof wall and pedal bone
I started working on Refreshing Pause (referred to here as RP) in February of 2002. She was a special horse, since she helped me find ways to assist other horses with similar problems. While RP was not my first foundered horse, she's the worst founder case that I've encountered in terms of capsular damage.
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