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Putting A Number On Ideal Hoof Wall Length

Proper measurements with a toe rule can point farriers in the right direction
What is the ideal length that hoof wall should be trimmed to?” Gerard Laverty’s question was met with a pregnant pause before the attendees at the Oregon Farriers Association mid-September clinic chuckled all at once.
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Letters: April 2017

The Future Of Hoof Care, As In The Past, Is Sole Protection Contrary to popular legend, horseshoes were not invented to protect hooves against wear.
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Research Journal: April 2016

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
IV Tildren for Navicular Syndrome The efficacy of administering the injectable bisphosphonate medication for horses (Tildren) in two different ways was evaluated for the treatment of navicular syndrome. Twelve horses diagnosed with bilateral navicular syndrome were randomly assigned to receive Tildren either systemically by intravenous injection or by using regional limb perfusion, where the drug is “back-flushed” directly into the blood vessels of the lower limb so that it is delivered to the lower limb and hoof in a more direct, concentrated manner.
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How To Evaluate The Equine Hoof Capsule

Understanding the mechanism of hoof capsule distortion allows the farrier to formulate a treatment plan
The hoof capsule comprises the hoof wall, sole, frog and bulbs of the heels; which, through the unique continuous bond between its components, form a casing on the ground surface of the limb that affords protection to the soft tissue and osseous structures enclosed within the capsule.
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Achieving Balance Through Trims

Developing a thorough knowledge of anatomy, load-bearing and trimming techniques helps achieve critical balance goals
For the majority of the first half of my shoeing career, I educated clients — and farriers — about conformation and the proper way to balance a foot.
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Farriers' Roundtable

“Can you have too much sole on a foundered horse?” <i> —New Mexico Farrier </i>
Since the question is regarding a foundered horse, I will assume that it is beyond laminitis and the third phalanx has rotated.
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