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From the AFJ Archives: May/June 2018

September/October 1996
1996 Article Overview Phil Fisher of Hastings, Neb., approached this article with a straightforward purpose: inform readers about how to shoe reining horses. At the time Fisher wrote this article, he was shoeing a few successful top reiners. This motivated him to share his own methods to farriers who might not be as familiar with reiners.
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Pat Tearney
From The Desk Of AFJ

It's A Simple Job Except When It's Not

Some thoughts on the K.I.S.S. method of farriery

I've heard a lot of farriers champion the so-called K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) method for horseshoeing. But I've heard some of the same farriers then describe their "simple" system. It includes assessing the horse's conformation, age, work, environment, hoof-horn quality, hoof-wall thickness, sole type, frog health, past history, any current or recent lamnesses or problems, trainer requirements and rider needs and style.

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Shoeing for a Living

Shoeing Along the Colorado Front Range

Farrier J.D. Downs is becoming known for his work with reining horses, in part because he never hesitates to seek advice from his mentors
J.D. Downs shapes a shoe at a ranch along the Colorado Front Range. The farrier from Frederick, Colo., north of Denver, says shoeing in the high, dry climate means dealing with hard, dry feet.
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Product Knowledge

Slick Tips for Sliding Plates

Texas farrier offers advice on how to help reining horses earn those all-important extra fractions of a point
Choosing the right sliding plate to be used on a reining horse isn't easy. Farriers must take conformation, performance, footing and other factors into consideration when shoeing these equine athletes. Because events are frequently won by fractions of a point, proper shoeing is vital.
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Shoeing for a Living

Farriery Farm Aid

Nebraska's Gregg Kremer started shoeing to try and save the family homestead
A few years back, Gregg Kremer was right in the middle of an unfortunate continuing economic story — and he wasn't enjoying it much.
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Shoeing the Reining and Cow Horse

5/18/19 8:00 am CDT
Well Shod
305 N Arthur St
Amarillo, TX
United States
Contact: Well Shod
Well Shod is hosting a shoeing the reining and cow horse clinic in Amarillo. Read More

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