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Take The Plantar Angle Into Consideration

Often overlooked, a negative plantar angle is manageable, according to Debra Taylor
A sport horse presents with hind limb lameness, is refusing or missing leads, "hollowing out" its back over jumps and the rider notices a behavioral change when the animal is working. With additional symptoms such as pain over the heels and navicular area, many veterinarians and farriers will run down a list of possible causes that might contribute to this issue.
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Evaluate Every Hoof Before Trimming

Everything seen on the hoof is important to farriers, veterinarians and owners

Horses aren’t uniform creatures. Each one has a slight — or not so slight —deviation in conformation that affects the way it travels and performs. That’s why Michael Wildenstein stresses the importance of evaluating everything —from the hairline of the hoof to the muscling in the shoulders — when trimming and shoeing.

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Vet-Farrier Double-Team

Chronic Abscess Case Study

Resection, soaking are among methods used by farrier an vet to return a mare to soundness

Jessie is a 9-year old Appaloosa mare that I was asked to evaluate while trimming and shoeing other horses for a new client.

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Lameness Causes Often Man-Made

Excessive trimming of the horny frog, sole and hoof wall are the major concerns
In my shoeing work, I see a variety of diseases and injuries that can be attributed to lameness conditions.
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