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Q&A: July/August 2017

What are your best tips for repairing or maintaining your farrier tools?
A: I use a Dremel tool with a cut off blade to knurl the head of my driving hammer. This helps prevent me from bending nails. I only have one good eye and without the knurled head, I’ll bend too many nails.
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Farriers' Roundtable

Q: I’d like some advice regarding tool use and maintenance that will provide the most “bang for the buck.” In other words, what will pay off the most, both in cost savings, as well as wear and tear on my body?
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Rig Safety is Every Farrier's Business

From proper propane storage to solid driving practices, ensure safety when traveling from client to client
The slogan “safety is everybody’s business” is a common one, but if you’re the business owner, you can also add “the buck stops here” when it comes to shoeing rig safety. If you’re not paying attention to it, who is?
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Reseach Zeros in on Racetrack Surfaces

Focus of Jockey Club White Paper on hoof-ground interaction has important information for farriers
Among many other factors, it's clear that careful maintenance of racetrack surfaces is critical. A recent white paper analyzing the composition, performance and safety of racing surfaces (1) contains critical concepts for farriers regarding the interaction between the hoof and the ground at each phase of the footfall and the role of the farrier in influencing that interaction.
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Tool Care

Tool Maintenance: Down to the Numbers

Wear and tear adds up, one hammer blow or usage at a time
When Dan Bradley discusses farrier tool maintenance, the numbers just keep piling up. And the farrier from Lucedale, Miss., and longtime clinician with G.E. Forge & Tool, says those numbers don’t lie.
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Hoof Care As Preventative Maintenance

Grant Moon urges farriers to head off problems in advance during final Wagon Mound Ranch Supply shoeing clinic
Grant Moon sees horseshoeing, in part, as a program of preventative maintenance. He told about 75 horseshoers at a clinic at Wagon Mound Ranch Supply in Solano, N.M., that a big part of their job is preventing injuries while maximizing performance.
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