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Supporting the Ledge

Thoughts on how the “ledge” provided by the solar perimeter is compromised, and suggestions on addressing this

In my previous article (May/June 2014), I described how the perimeter of the sole has greater rigidity because of its attachment to the hoof wall, and provides a “ledge” for the solar border of P3 to rest on (Figure 1).

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Client Misinformation

How do you combat footcare misinformation that your clients may come across on the internet?
How do you combat footcare misinformation that your clients may come across on the internet?
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Hoof Beats: Weights And Measures

While it is true that increased weight exaggerates motion, the cost of that added motion is fatigue. Fatigue is due to the increased energy required to put that weight into motion. Horses with heavier shoeing packages work harder than those shod light; it is as simple as that. There is no better support to this point than the fact that so many trainers elect to race barefooted in big races, especially in second-heat races. A few special horses gait better with added weight and overcome the fatigue factor to win. Donato Hanover was a great example of this.
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Using Silicone for Better Hoof Care

Versatile material good for adding support, as a filler and in conjunction with pads.
Construction-grade (DAP) silicone has been used in farrier practices for over 30 years as a filler under pads with good success. At first, the set-up time could take as long as 24 hours and required some type of damming system like tape or putty to keep the silicone from leaking out the back side of the hoof and leaving a sticky mess. Now, with the new silicone materials, set-up time is 4 to 10 minutes and the development of putty-type materials allows a faster, much cleaner and more precise job.
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Research Journal

Researchers in Japan did a descriptive survey of the primary and secondary epidermal laminae of 35 Thoroughbred horses of all ages to characterize the variation of normal laminae in horses without laminitis.
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Michael Steward

The Science Behind Wooden Shoes -- MP3 Download


Michael Steward has had tremendous success treating laminitis as well as other lameness issues with his system of wooden shoes. In this presentation, Steward shares the science behind the success of this cost-effective treatment.  (Total Run Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes; File size: 54 Megabytes)


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