Supporting The Ledge

Thoughts on how the “ledge” provided by the solar perimeter is compromised, and suggestions on addressing this

In my previous article (May/June 2014), I described how the perimeter of the sole has greater rigidity because of its attachment to the hoof wall, and provides a “ledge” for the solar border of P3 to rest on (Figure 1).

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The Ledge — Supporting P3

A laminitic case led equine veterinarian John Stewart to rethink the importance of solar support to P3
There seems to be some disagreement among hoof-care professionals as to the extent of the sole's role in weight bearing. The suggestion that the laminar attachment of P3, with transference of the horse's weight to the hoof wall, is not its major means of support is as absurd as suggesting the sole should take no part in weight bearing.
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Book Notes

A Well-Balanced Approach To Footcare

Understanding The Horse’s Feet
In Understanding the Horse's Feet, the author encourages farriers to fully comprehend the complex subject of the horse's foot, hoof care and the plethora of conditions that affect it and be prepared to share much of the information with horse owners.
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