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An Overview Of Equine Canker

This article provides a summary view of the diagnosis and treatment of this foot disease
Equine canker is a disease in search of a definition since the cause has not been determined. It could be described as a pathological response to an insult to the foot’s horn-producing tissues. Equine canker has been defined as an infectious process that results in the development of a chronic, hypertrophic, moist pododermatitis of the horn-producing tissues, generally in the palmar / plantar sections of the foot.
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Product Knowledge

Abscess Kit Makes for Easier Treatment

All-in-one package found farrier, horse-owner friendly.
If you have been around horses for long, you have probably had to deal with an abscess. For farriers, treating abscesses is part and parcel of what we do for a living. An abscess is simply an infection in the sensitive structures of the foot. Often it is from a puncture in the sole that allows bacteria into the solar corium. However, they can occur from a bruise that becomes infected or from the introduction of bacteria from other situations, such as severe wet or environmental changes.
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Useful Technologies for Therapeutic Situations

Anatomical knowledge and teamwork are vital, but knowing how to use these product types is important as well

Just about any equine veterinarian who specializes in hoof care or farriers who do a lot of therapeutic shoeing will tell you the thing they most rely on to do their work isn’t found in a toolbox, mounted on a shoeing rig or installed in a workshop or veterinary clinic.

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Therapeutic Hoof Care

Learning the Tools of the Trade

Sound principles, craftsmanship and technology are the basics to success in this challenging work

For many farriers, the first exposure to a therapeutic shoeing situation comes unexpectedly. They arrive at a barn — perhaps after a frantic phone call from a client — and find a horse who has suffered an injury.

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