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Improve Your Tool Efficiency

Proper care and use will make your job easier and boost your bottom line
The earliest evidence of human cultural behavior is the manufacture of tools. Early man was developing tools to make tasks easier for at least 2.6 million years. Oldowan tools — the oldest-known stone tool industry — have been unearthed throughout Africa with the oldest found in Gona, Ethiopia.

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Rusty Derrer

What His Truck Says About Him

Indiana farrier Rusty Derrer has an eye-catching shoeing rig and the skills to back it up
Shoeing out of Cicero, Ind., farrier Rusty Derrer used to work on several types of horses, including a large number of drafts.
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Product Focus

Nailing Essentials

An often-overlooked part of shoeing, there are many time-saving tips, tricks and techniques to improve your nailing efficiency

Farriers all have varying techniques, systems and methods that they use for shoeing horses.

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A Half-Century’s Lessons on Working Smarter

Hall-of-Fame shoer Lee Green shares lessons he wishes he’d learned earlier in his career
While he’s learned many things in his horseshoeing lifetime, Lee Green continues to analyze shoeing techniques and how to work smarter to make more money, save time and minimize labor. He encourages younger farriers to learn from older farriers’ war stories and to avoid the mistakes they’ve made.
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