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Farrier Income Continues Gradual Gain

Data gleaned from the latest American Farriers Journal Farrier Business Practices survey indicates the hoof-care industry is holding its own and is apparently doing better than other areas of the equine market
Despite a slower than anticipated recovery in the overall equine community, farriers appear to be doing considerably better than 2 years ago with average incomes increasing by 12% for full-time farriers and by an astounding 50% for part-time farriers.
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While heel studs can keep feet from slipping when a horse gallops over grass, their ultimate biomechanical effects are still not fully understood.
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Find Your Place on the Scale

Bi-annual business practices survey provides a window on how things are going in the shoeing business
The average gross income of American farriers took a dramatic upswing during the last 2 years, but whether or not you rode that rising tide depends largely on where you were shoeing.
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Multiple Farriers, Multiple Profits

Working with others may be the way that more of you will shoe in the future
When a shoer who’s worked for Jim and Allan Ferrie for over 4 years decides it’s time to go out on his own, the brothers (shown below) hand the farrier the shoeing work on 300 horses.
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