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Measurement Of The Hoof-Pastern Axis For Foot Management

The benefit of this system in the consistency and measurability of the hoof-pastern axis
As footcare professionals know, the angle formed by the bony column of the phalanges with the hoof wall is referred to as the hoof-pastern axis (HPA), and is considered ideal when the dorsal surface of the hoof is parallel to the alignment of the digital bones (Figure 1).1
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Not Fixed, But More Comfortable

Texas farrier uses Super Fast to improve the performance of an injured horse

TOOEY IS A a dapple gray gelding mix raised at the Herrick Thoroughbred Farm located in Lucas, Texas. He is approximately 16 hands tall and is 7 years old.

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Get Out Of Sticky Situations With Glue-Ons

While it’s not a cure-all for laminitis, glue-on shoes offer another option against this devastating disease
A farrier would be hard-pressed to find a problem more difficult to treat than laminitis. Without identification and treatment in its early phases, laminitis progresses to the chronic stage that can lead to displacement of the third phalanx within the hoof capsule, severe pain for the horse and eventually euthanasia.
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