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Matching the Shoe to the Job

Experienced farriers say the choice should be based on a number of factors, many of which have nothing to do with the shoe itself
There is no shortage of horseshoes, in size, style or material. It will take no more than a few minutes inside a well-stocked supply store to convince anyone of that. Jeff Ridley, a farrier from Leighton, Iowa, recently was struck by that fact during a clinic at Anvil Brand’s headquarters in Lexington, Ill. The clinician was Shayne Carter of West Mountain, Utah.
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New Spin On The Steward Clog Keeps Horses Working

The Klimmick shoe has helped horses with therapeutic needs continue to work in various disciplines

The Steward clog or wooden shoe is well known for its use in laminitis treatment, but it also has proven to be a beneficial system for rehabilitation in a variety of hoof and leg conditions of equids. Farriers must address five entities to alter the 3D planar direction of hoof balance and load (to enhance hoof rehabilitation) —all of which can easily be accomplished using the roller motion Steward clog:

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It's All About Balance

Veteran Standardbred farrier Ed Warrington maintains many shoers tend to address the effect of a footcare problem rather than dealing with the cause
It's been 53 years since Ed Warrington started shoeing Standardbred racehorses. And he says determining the best way to balance these horses is just as important today as it was back then.
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Farriers' Roundtable

Experience! After seeing thousands of horses over the last 42 years, I use a straight bar for horses that have a sheared heel, an overreaching or forging problem.
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Steve Teichman
Shoeing For A Living

Going for the Gold Every Day

Pennsylvania farrier Steve Teichman’s clients benefit from the approach he’s polished on the international circuit
The "fall-back" date from Daylight Saving Time is still a few days away, so Steve Teichman is preparing his truck for his day of Shoeing For A Living in the dark here in Chester County, a short drive southwest of Philadelphia.
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The Right Time and Place for Corrective Shoes

When horses return to work or to the show ring, a farrier must carefully evaluate the effect of continued use of therapeutic shoes
There are almost as many types of shoes as there are horses to wear them. Available in different weights, sizes and shapes, they're also made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, synthetics, titanium and even rawhide.
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