Ed Warrington has been shoeing Standardbreds for more than 50 years. While egg bars aren't popular with every farrier,  the Townsend, Del., shoer uses many of them.

He relies on the shoes to pull a long toe back in order to get a horse’s foot under him and to eliminate short-shod concerns. 

“An egg bar provides the extra length often needed to make a horse comfortable and get more distance behind the foot,” he says. “I’ve never had a problem with egg bar or straight bar shoes as long as they are fit properly and not left on too long.”

Warrington recognizes that egg bars are not a cure-all for everything, but finds they can help keep a foot properly balanced. 

“When I’m talking about balance, I’m talking about keeping a horse’s foot under his leg so the horse is able to keep his leg under his body,” he says. “When I pick a horse’s foot up, I want to see the shoe worn evenly all the way around. I want to see a symmetrical foot without the hairline being driven up on the hoof.”

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