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Research Journal: March 2018

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
X-Rays And Cutting Horses Researchers examined presale radiographs of 343 Quarter Horses in training to identify lesions associated with the likelihood of competing in cutting events, the likelihood of earning money and the amount of money earned during their 3- and 4-year-old years.
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Making And Applying A Double Nail Package

By going through his process and reasons for use, Hall Of Fame farrier Bud Willimon explains how this package can benefit show horses
Hall Of Fame Horseshoer Bud Willimon has spent about 60 years working with Saddlebreds, Morgans and Hackney ponies. “In all that time, I learned there is nothing new,” he reasons. “Just things are new to those who haven’t tried it.”
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Shoeing For A Living
Shoeing For A Living

Master Of Shoeing The Legendary Missouri Fox Trotter

Missouri’s Keith Mizer draws on more than 4 decades of experience with these smooth-stepping horses

The autumn air is crisp as Keith Mizer leaves the Shoney’s restaurant in his home town of Lebanon, Mo. He fires up his truck and gets ready to do what he’s done just about every day for more than 40 years — go out and shoe horses.

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Blake Brown

Reading Shoe Wear Gives Farriers An Edge

Not everyone does it, but farriers who know what they’re looking for on the bottom of old shoes can find clues to help keep a horse comfortable and healthy

Be sure to look at the shoes every time you pull them off,” says Blake Brown, a Penryn Calif., farrier who worked at a veterinarian clinic for 20 years.

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Vet's Corner

Diagnosis And Treatment Of A Spontaneous Rupture Of The Deep Digital Flexor Tendon

Therapeutic shoe with heel extension seen as key to successful outcome

The flexor tendons of the front limb of a horse are a common site of injury. Often, lacerations will damage the superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon and even the suspensory ligament.

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Noel Muller maintains you’re probably making a serious mistake when you decide to alter foot balance in hopes of giving your client a horse that strides straight behind.

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