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The Hoof-Care Bottom Line

Charging For Therapeutic Farrier Work

You can’t help injured horses for long if the cost of doing the work puts your hoof-care business on the critical list
Many farriers who express a desire for more challenging work avoid doing therapeutic farrier work or more complicated cases due to time restraints and pricing concerns.
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Two Shoes, One Hoof

It’s essential to treat penetrating injuries to the hoof capsule as emergency situations
I received an emergency call from a client late one winter afternoon while finishing up some other horses. She indicated her horse had lost its right-front shoe, and she thought the right hind shoe had somehow dislodged and punctured the sole.
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Horse Jumping

Understanding Lameness Causes

A farrier says the ability to analyze the causes of lameness sets a farrier apart — and also protects him
A farrier should be able to determine what these causes are by examining the hooves. If he can’t, he may find himself being blamed for causing any lameness that occurs after shoeing.
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How To

Consider Using Hospital Plates When Sensitive Tissue is Exposed

Also, consult a veterinarian, who might choose to enhance treatment with radiographs and medication
Farriers moving from horse to horse commonly encounter hoof abscesses. Often during treatment, a severe hoof abscess or other foot problem will expose sensitive tissue, necessitating more extensive measures such as a veterinary examination and the application of a hospital plate.
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Book Notes

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lameness

There's one thing farriers can all agree upon when it comes to lameness in horses — it’s a very complicated subject. While some books barely scratch the surface on lameness, others delve deep into the convoluted details of what could make a horse lame.
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