Do you have a client who has a horse that is contending with ongoing laminitis? Is your client’s horse prone to recurrent bouts of founder associated with pasture turnout or even metabolic problems? Is your client frustrated and searching for solutions for easier management?

Nouvelle Veterinary Research Inc. is conducting a laminitis research trial and is seeking equine candidates local to the North Carolina or surrounding area. Nouvelle Research’s primary focus over the past decade has been on the impact of uncontrolled inflammation and influence on health. Laminitis is just one of many equine diseases that is associated with uncontrolled inflammation and oxidative stress, which contributes heavily to laminar deterioration, pain and alteration of blood circulation to the digit.  

Despite knowing these pathways exist, managing each patient through the same approach is not always rewarding, leaving many horses still suffering the daily effects. In reality, each patient is different. Inflammation is still an underlying contributor, but the degree and source of that inflammation can vary.

Nouvelle Veterinary Research is seeking initially 10 candidates for the laminitis research trial, in which many avenues will be explored to help target and discriminate each patient. Services to be provided include examinations, digital radiographs, complete blood profiles, hormone evaluations and balanced trimming for each horse. Therapies will primarily focus on hoof balancing, nutrition and targeted dietary ingredients to target ongoing negative cellular pathways.  

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