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Jeremy McGovern
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Legal Comments Provide Food For Thought

Facebook has revolutionized communication. It has connected farriers globally for the betterment of the trade. You can share work to get the advice of others, provide thoughtful advice for a fellow farrier or see what’s going on at a clinic you couldn’t attend. But while there are tremendous benefits from using Facebook, are there potential legal consequences awaiting farriers on it?
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Marketing Yourself Pays Off

When Rosevine, Texas, farrier Ralph Hampton meets someone for the first time, you can bet the topic will eventually turn to horses. Hampton admits that some of his colleagues don’t like, nor understand why he’s adamant about marketing his hoof-care practice.
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Putting Service in Customer Service

East Texas farrier thrives by embracing marketing and good business practices
At his core, Ralph Hampton is a farrier. Not like Jack is in construction or Jill is an administrator. The Rosevine, Texas, shoer is a throwback to the days when a farrier fulfilled an important role in a small rural town. “This is not something you do for a living,” he says. “This is something you do for life.”
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Marketing Your Practice Made Easy

Incorporate intangibles into your everyday work to boost clientele
Attracting clients can be difficult for any service-oriented business. Plying your trade in a relatively small niche market, such as equine hoof care, can make those challenges even greater — especially when you’re launching a new practice or starting over in a new area.
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Jeremy McGovern
Frankly Speaking

Reputations Suffer When Facebook Goes Awry

Among social media sites, Facebook far and away is the most popular among farriers. In part, this popularity is based on two benefits of Facebook: promoting businesses on a local level and discussing footcare with peers on an international stage. But there is a responsibility to conduct oneself as a professional on Facebook to protect that business.
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Your Best Business Tool?

With increased functionality, efficiency capabilities and widespread usage, adding a smartphone in your farrier practice may no longer be a choice
The days of being inaccessible while on the road are behind us, as is the era of mobile phone contraptions as large and heavy as brick-filled suitcases.
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