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[Video] Fullering Horseshoes

Social Circle, Ga., farrier Lucas Gilleland and Fairhope, Ala., farrier Daniel Jones demonstrate how to fuller a horseshoe to American Farrier’s Association certification standards.
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Fullering To Perfection

A few recommendations can help you efficiently crease handmade shoes
Keg shoes typically come with a crease in the ground surface, but are they worth the effort to craft into your handmade shoes? And if so, what are the keys to proper fullering? Chad Chance, a veteran farrier in Pilot Point, Texas, 30 minutes north of Dallas, creases 95% of his shoes and says, “I’m fullering every day.”
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Understanding What You’re Seeing In Shoe Wear

Properly identifying and addressing issues shown through shoe wear will help the horse and build a good client relationship
We live in a remarkable time with the advancements of diagnostic tools. Digital radiographs, MRIs, ultrasounds and other innovations can reveal so much detail at almost instantaneous speeds.
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Straight-Up Advice For Fullering

Lesson from Wisconsin farrier Roy Bloom will benefit farriers in improving efficiency when making a fullered shoe
One year, I was at a World Championship Blacksmith contest and the match play semifinalists had to make a 3/8-inch by 3/4-inch, fullered, toe-clipped shoe. The four competitors had 8 minutes to build it. About 4 minutes into this, the generator stopped, so the decision was made to start over.
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Rely On Concave To Grab More Ground

So why has it taken North American farriers so long to grab onto concave, the most English of all shoes?
While concave shoes have been popular for decades in the United Kingdom, they're only now starting to catch on among American shoers.
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