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Challenging Common Shoeing Beliefs

Scientific investigation on shoe placement and other topics of farriery continue to affect widely-held theories
Shoeing horses has often been termed a “necessary evil.” Certainly, it is not natural, but neither is the domesticated life most horses must endure. Domestication results in a separation of the horse from the natural environment and lifestyle which directed its evolution.
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The Shoe On The Other Foot

When a horse suffers critical lameness in a single limb, it is often important to give as much attention to its opposite foot
In February 2011, an 8-year-old Quarter Horse named Andy was trailered from upstate New York to his new home in Georgia
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Super Soaker

Tips, tactics and techniques for dealing with waterlogged hooves, no matter the environment
When people think about environmental factors that play a role in degrading the integrity of the hoof, most think about the things like rocky terrain, sandy oil and icy, slippery conditions.
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Farrier Innovations

Pinpointing P-3 During The Shoeing Cycle

California farrier says his scoring system provides valuable information for balance and breakover management
Breakover is a function of the equine foot. A chronic problem that we see in the clinic where I work is that the breakover of the hoof capsule is out of balance with the coffin bone at a given point in the shoeing cycle.
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