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Physics And Lateral Extensions

British farrier believes the numbers simply don’t add up to support some of their long-assumed benefits
Farriers sometimes shoe horses with shoes that extend outside the profile of the foot.
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Product Focus

Studs: Placement Is The Key

They’ll add traction and improve performance — so long as you know where to put them
Most farriers have had experience using studs at some point in their career; be it for winter traction, or for a performance aspect.
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Taking on a Nasty Toe Crack

Illinois case study covers more than a year of treatments

Dandi had been lame on and off for 3 years. He was over 30 years old, but his exact age was unknown (at least to me). I was called in on this case at the suggestion of the farrier who was working at the barn where Dandi was stabled, near Pearl City, Ill.

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Heart Bar Shoes

Being Careful With Heart Bar Shoes

Applied incorrectly, the heart bar shoe can go from a life-saving therapeutic aid to a damaging piece of equipment

When the duo of Burney Chapman and George Platt popularized the use of heart bar shoes for foundered and laminitic horses in the late 1960s, it set off a firestorm of innovations and design-styles for therapeutic horseshoes that reinvigorated the hoof-care industry.

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