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Tips for Identifying and Managing Compassion Fatigue

Emotional highs and lows of caring for clients’ horses can take a toll
Missouri farrier Sydney Kotow remembers that one horse, that one case, above all others. Early in Kotow’s career, she was asked to work on Flash, a foundered horse. Kotow also holds a Bachelor of Science in equine nutrition and remembers thinking that through her nutrition and farrier expertise she could save the horse, or at least make it more comfortable.
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Solve Conflicts Through Understanding

Farrier and vet share tips to build a rapport with clients and help their horses
Conflict is part and parcel of operating a farrier practice. Yet, how you handle dissention will go a long way toward not only determining how successful you’ll be, but also how well you understand your client’s point of view — and by extension, your ability to educate them about hoof care.
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Briefings: April 2016

Laminar Stretching Is An Indication Of Subclinical Laminitis

When observing laminar stretching at the toe, Chapel Hill, N.C., equine veterinarian Dick Mansmann advised attendees at March’s North Carolina State Equine Health Symposium of the need for radiographs to determine the extent of the laminitis — regardless of how sound the horse is.

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Three Steps For Molding Better Clients

Every farrier has at least one client who square dances on your last nerve while wearing 4-inch spike heels. Although it’s tempting to fire an emotional or difficult client, improving your communication skills can go a long way toward improving your practice and keeping an otherwise good paying account.
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