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The Farrier’s Role In Correcting Angular Limb Deformities

Proven techniques for treating mild to serious deviations in foals
Angular limb deformities in foals are not created equal. Yet, corrections can be made with quick and appropriate farriery and veterinary intervention. After nearly a half-century of hoof-care experience, including 2 decades as the head farrier at the University of California Veterinary School in Davis, Kirk Adkins has considerable experience with angular limb deformities, particularly in Thoroughbred foals.
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New Spin On The Steward Clog Keeps Horses Working

The Klimmick shoe has helped horses with therapeutic needs continue to work in various disciplines

The Steward clog or wooden shoe is well known for its use in laminitis treatment, but it also has proven to be a beneficial system for rehabilitation in a variety of hoof and leg conditions of equids. Farriers must address five entities to alter the 3D planar direction of hoof balance and load (to enhance hoof rehabilitation) —all of which can easily be accomplished using the roller motion Steward clog:

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Quick Tips For Casting

This advice could help any farrier interested in trying casting.
These quick tips could help any farrier interested in trying casting.
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Preparation Is Everything When Casting A Foot Stephensville, Texas, equine veterinarian John Janicek told attendees of the American Association of Equine Professionals (AAEP) annual convention that it is imperative to have all your materials organized and ready when casting a foot or limb. Be aware of water temperature that you will soak the casting material in, as the warmer the water, the quicker the material will set. He’ll typically soak the casting material for about 10 seconds prior to application.
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Casting As An Option In The Farrier’s Toolbox

Practitioners believe that poor practices can lead to some farriers’ misunderstandings and misgivings about the modality
When it comes to the horse’s hoof, Ramona, Calif., footcare practitioner John Stewart says there is only one topic that incites more disagreements: religion. If that is the case, casting’s use is one of those areas in hoof care in which there are strong opinions among the believers and those who don’t.
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Supporting the Ledge

Thoughts on how the “ledge” provided by the solar perimeter is compromised, and suggestions on addressing this

In my previous article (May/June 2014), I described how the perimeter of the sole has greater rigidity because of its attachment to the hoof wall, and provides a “ledge” for the solar border of P3 to rest on (Figure 1).

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