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Overcome “Bad” Horses in Your Hoof-Care Practice

Gaining trust and nurturing your relationships with horses will make your job easier
Every farrier at one time or another comes across a horse that’s difficult to work with — or has a reputation of being difficult. There might be some horses that you would prefer not to have to deal with, but you realize that it’s in your best interest to go ahead and do them.
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More Thoughts On Breakover

Hoof-care professionals talk about the topic often, but sometimes aren’t even starting from the same definition
Breakover. Enhancing breakover. Easing breakover. Changing breakover. It's one of the most frequently used terms in the farrier vocabulary. Everyone seems to have thoughts and opinions and - surprise, surprise - they often aren't the same.
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Balance: More About The Trim Than The Shoes

Montana vet-farrier has found trimming to conformation is often enough to restore lame horses to soundness
Whenever farriers talk about feet, there's a lot of discussion about hoof balance. For sound, healthy feet, balance is crucial, but the concept of balance is not always understood.
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Therapeutic Shoeing

Proper Planning, Teamwork Play Big Role

Advancements in materials and techniques offer hope for serious injuries, but place premium on continuing hoof-care education
Therapeutic shoeing has made great advances in the past few decades, partly because there’s more interest in this specialty, and also because of the development of better methods for dealing with therapeutic situations.
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copper sulfate for hoof with thrush

Dealing with Thrush and White Line Disease

Combining topical treatments with good hoof care will help you keep these common problems under control
Among the most common problems farriers deal with are thrush and white line disease. Thrush, affecting the sulci of the frog and sometime deeper tissues, is generally caused by bacteria. The most common culprit is fusobacterium necrophorum, which causes a variety of diseases, including navel ill/joint ill in foals, diphtheria in calves and foot rot in cattle.
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How Comfortable Are You With Radiography?

If you’re not working with equine veterinarians to get a look inside problem hooves, you might not be doing all you can for the horses and their owners. Here’s how to get more involved with this technology
Sooner or later, most every farrier will come across a problem foot and wonder what's going on inside the hoof wall. So, when is it right for a farrier to request radiographs, and what's to be expected after such a request?
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