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Changes In The Farrier Industry: Forges

One of the several game changers in the business of shoeing horses was the development of the portable gas forge. This item, that we take for granted today, has made profound changes to the farrier profession beyond just heating metal.
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Gas Forge

3 Things To Remember About Gas Forges

Keeping a forge running its best isn’t hard, but can be easily ignored
For Cliff Carroll, the complexity of footcare creates such a focus that sometimes the easiest things to prevent go unchecked. The owner of the Larkspur, Colo., supply shop bearing his name says farriers have to constantly think about the trim and the effects of the shoe application so something simple like efficiency with a gas forge is missed.
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Frank Lessiter
From The Desk Of AFJ

Farrier Advice Stands The Test Of Time

A few days ago, I was looking back at some of the earlier issues of American Farriers Journal that we've published since taking over the magazine in 1992. And as is the case with most of the equine footcare articles we've produced over the past several decades, most of the information is still valid today.

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Fire Up That Forge

Hot tips for packing more heat into your shoeing work
There is probably no single piece of equipment that has changed how farriers do their jobs more than the portable propane forge. From shaky beginnings when they were seen more as a novelty, they have become virtually a necessity for farriers who want to hot fit and hot shoe away from their own shops.
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Product Innovation

A Look at 35 Years of New and Better Hoof-Care Products

Survey indicates farriers, other hoof-care professionals have benefited from quality, quantity and diversity of offerings
On the road to putting together our list of the 35 Biggest Hoof-Care Product Improvements, we discovered several things; first of all, that it would be easy to put together a list of more than 35 products — but not quite so easy to mention 35 by brand name.
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A Dream On Wheels

This farrier’s vision of a customized shoeing truck becomes a ready-to-roll reality.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE that the rig Mike Rogers recently displayed at the first annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati is actually a 1996 Chevrolet pickup with 75,000 miles behind it.

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Back To The Basics

That Finishing Touch

Developing your own system for finishing your shoes will pay off in forging contests or for your clients at horse shows
Building good shoes is only part of the skills needed to compete and pass certification tests. Presentation of the finished product is also important.
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Practical Tool Tips

83 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Shoeing Tools

Check these practical shoeing tool tips, tricks and techniques you can put to use tomorrow morning in your shoeing work
When you're looking for new ways to get better performance out of your shoeing tools, the best way is to swap ideas with other farriers.

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