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Think the Situation Through Before You Pick a Therapeutic Shoe

Mechanics, cause and effect and a proper trim and fit are all aspects of the successful shoeing package
There are many shoes used by farriers in therapeutic work and not all of them are specifically designed to treat an injury. Rather than simply reaching for a heart bar shoe for a laminitis case, or a straight bar shoe for palmar heel pain, it’s important to first think about what you want the shoe to do and why.
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Client Interest in Non-Metal Horseshoes Fuels A Growth In Their Use

Less weight, more flexibility and easing concussion are seen as pluses for these alternatives to steel and aluminum
Contrary to popular belief, the concept of non-metal horseshoes is not a recent phenomenon. Some of the first horsemen used sandals made of rice straw or leather to protect their horse's feet. Metal shoes solved obvious durability problems these earlier versions had, but also created the issue of concussion, particularly on hard surfaces.
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Laminitis Panel

A Wide-Ranging Look at Laminitis

Fifth International Equine Conference On Laminitis And Diseases Of The Foot Delves Into Many Areas And Therapies
Gorgeous sunshine and swaying palm trees were good reasons for visiting Florida’s Atlantic coast, but they were greatly enhanced by the gracious hospitality and extraordinary exchange of equine knowledge at the Fifth International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot.
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Micheal Steward

Adding A Farrier Day To An Equine Veterinary Practice

A well-planned program promotes hoof-care knowledge, improves farrier-veterinarian communication and pays off for everyone
Knowledge of the biomechanics and function of the equine foot has increased in recent years. A variety of technological advances have allowed veterinarians and farriers to measure the stresses and forces placed on and within the foot.
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Allie Hayes

Party Of Five

Trio of vets, two farriers earn Hall Of Fame recognition
The membership of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame increased by five during ceremonies at the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, during February.
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Vet's Corner

An Effective Adaptation

Shoeing system designed to treat laminitis proves effective in case of a horse with a malformed navicular bone

Sometimes the principles and techniques that are used to treat one hoof-care problem can be effective with others. In this case, the Steward Clog system that was developed for the treatment of laminitic horses helped return a horse with a malformed navicular bone to soundness.

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Video Reviews

These reviews give insight into videos worth viewing in two categories: professional farrier category for those wishing to learn more about shoeing ideas, and the horse owner category for those wanting to better understand corrective shoeing ideas.

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How You Can Conduct Your Own Research

A biostatistician who shoes horses says farriers can advance the science of hoof care without going broke or turning to pseudoscience

 In a recent issue of American Farriers Journal (July/Aug., 2002), Managing Editor Pat Tearney wrote that theories on hoof-care need to be put to the scientific test.

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Michael Steward

The Science Behind Wooden Shoes -- MP3 Download


Michael Steward has had tremendous success treating laminitis as well as other lameness issues with his system of wooden shoes. In this presentation, Steward shares the science behind the success of this cost-effective treatment.  (Total Run Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes; File size: 54 Megabytes)


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