Arthritic horses
Farrier Tips

Help Yourself While Helping Arthritic Horses

No one asks a horse to lift its legs higher or longer than a farrier during the trimming process. This can prove to be difficult for geriatric horses that are arthritic or have other medical conditions that limit their range of motion. Farriers can accommodate these horses, while also maintaining our comfort during trimming.
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Thoughts On Defining The “Good” Foot

Approaching the concept of a “normal” foot led to an exercise in thinking about the elusive “good” foot
When given the opportunity to write about shoeing a normal foot, my first move was to discuss the topic with a well-respected colleague, who quickly asked me “Jeffrey, what is a normal foot?” Naturally, I began to reflect on my daily work, thinking that most of my feet were fairly “normal.” But then I thought about the question more and came to the realization that almost all of my so-called “normal” horses present me with some type of a conformational or structural challenge that I am constantly striving to improve.
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Spotlight on Hoof Care

Sage Advice From Veteran Farriers

Over 100 gather for day of learning, networking and camaraderie at the American Association of Professional Farriers “Hoofcare Essentials” clinic

Video Reviews

These reviews give insight into videos worth viewing in two categories: professional farrier category for those wishing to learn more about shoeing ideas, and the horse owner category for those wanting to better understand corrective shoeing ideas.

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Battling a White Line Case Caused by Bad Shoeing

Iowa farrier faces two-fold problem of keeping Saddlebred going through the show season while restoring health to its feet
A couple of new horses were brought into one of my Saddlebred barns over the summer. The trainer had called me in advance to warn me that their feet were in desperate need of help.
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