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Briefings: April 2019

Multiple Endocrinopathies Contribute to Specific Type of Laminitis, Study Finds Researchers have been focusing on certain factors that contribute to endocrinopathic laminitis (EL). As it turns out, horses and ponies that have more than one endocrinopathy occurring at the same time may create the perfect environment for more severe lamenesses.
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Study Finds Velagliflozin Effective for Reducing Insulin Levels in Ponies

The new drug designed to treat hyperinsulinemia, velagliflozin from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, has proven effective in reducing post-meal insulin levels, according to a recent study conducted by Queensland University of Technology. The new drug targets the overproduction of insulin in response to glucose and excretes excess glucose in the urine.
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Preventing and Managing the Most Common Form of Laminitis

Strategies are improving to keep horses more comfortable and limit the progression of the deadly disease
Less than 2 decades ago, it was thought that all laminitis cases were the same regardless of the cause. Research since has proven that there are key differences in the mechanisms that lead to laminitis in different situations and that there are basically three major forms…
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Halting Laminitis

Prevention And Management Strategies For Acute And Chronic Laminitis

Laminitis likely can’t be cured by the time the intricate structures of the hoof degrade, it’s impossible to reverse the damage. That means that prevention, early detection and stopping progression of the disease are critical.

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Connection Between Body Shape And Metabolic Issues

Looking at a horse can tell a lot of things, but now, researchers can tell even more. A study at the Queensland University of Technology looks at the link between size and shape measurements and certain hormone concentrations in ponies. It is believed that ponies with more fat will suffer more ailments, including equine metabolic syndrome (EMS).
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