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Hoof Beats: Warm Nails

Every farrier, particularly the paddock blacksmith, has been in a spot where they had to say a little prayer while driving a horseshoe nail. However, when nail placement is optional, it is best to make use of the proper areas of hoof wall. Ideally, nails should be placed more towards the toe than the heel.
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Don’t Forget The Back End

Essential strategies for taking care of horse’s hinds range from paying attention to the basics to teaming up with veterinarians
Because of the economics of raising and competing horses many disciplines are geared to the young horse. This, bluntly speaking, minimizes expenses used on a loser.
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How To Soften Hooves As Hard As Cement
Q: I own a 13-year-old, 15.3 hand black Quarter Horse and have had him for about 7 years. I ride him all the time. Well, he’s got hooves as hard as cement! I’ve been fighting this problem since I first got him. I get a very hard ride, especially at trots and stops.
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Check Hoof Temperatures!

An inexpensive and highly versatile diagnostic tool may help you do a better job of shoeing

By using a hand-held infrared radiation thermometer, Andrew Elsbree never worries about hot nails.

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