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Contrary To Popular Opinion

Research indicates that the positive effects of particular shoe selection for Western Pleasure horses are guided by the perceptions of judges and trainers rather than reality
Many trainers and owners often try to convince a farrier to adopt a certain style of trimming or shoeing based on a myriad of factors. Sometimes the motivation comes from a belief that a particular change will improve the horse’s overall performance, resulting in better scores from judges.
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Shoeing for a Living

Shoeing In California’s Wine Country

Farrier Matt Frederick works on a front foot of a horse in California’s Napa Valley, the center of the California wine country.
Farriers come into the business in many different ways and from many different fields. But Matt Frederick, who shoes in Napa Valley, Calif., may come as close as any to having a unique beginning.
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More On Dubbing The Toe

Readers voice opinions on both sides of the toe dubbing controversy
We heard from readers lining up on all sides of the toe dubbing controversy after we printed the article by Oklahoma farrier and equine veterinarian Jack Roth in the January/February issue of American Farriers Journal. As is the case with many hoof-care techniques, there wasn't any agreement on what is the best approach.
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A Farrier's Viewpoint

A Plea to Stop Dubbing the Toe

Oklahoma veterinarian-farrier calls practice bad and ugly horseshoeing
Many years ago, when I was a young horseshoer returning from horseshoeing school, I received the very same advice from practically every horseman I talked to. Living in Oklahoma where there were so many very knowledgeable horsemen, I took that advice to heart.
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Before and After

Frequent Trips Aid Club Foot

Featuring 21 trims, three sets of X-rays and two chiropractic adjustments, this extensive 17-month case history leads to a vast club foot improvement

There's certainly no single way to help a horse suffering from a club foot, but American Farriers Journal took the time to document one case that has seen incredible results over nearly a 1 year period.

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