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Jeremy McGovern
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Has Technology Hampered Horsemanship?

During a roundtable discussion regarding lamenesses in sport horses there was a quick word from a vet regarding effectiveness. Vets have many options available today, and advancements in technology have improved these tools even more so. But speaking specifically on MRIs one vet said it is a diagnostic tool that he will resort to less commonly.
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Bowed Tendons: The Farrier's Role in Prevention and Treatment

Regularly scheduled hoof-care appointments and cooperation with a veterinarian are important aspects of dealing with these injuries
Modern ultrasounds are useful for diagnosing bowed tendons and other soft tissue injuries, particularly minor tears that aren't obvious during palpation. It may take an experienced person to spot less obvious tears in the tendons.
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Using Diagnostic Imaging to Pinpoint Foot Problems

The vital information that technology can provide is another reason for farriers to work closely with veterinarians
Many new diagnostic techniques and imaging modalities have come into use and it can often be challenging to understand which ones might be best suited for a given lameness problem. It is also important to know when to use these tools.
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Research Journal

This landmark study examined correlations between hoof shape and laminar morphology. The hypothesis was that hoof shape would be related to the shape and orientation of the lamina at the cellular level and that this relationship would vary between breeds.

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Technology Focus

Diagnostic Imaging For Lameness

Clinicians describe the use of X-rays, venograms, ultrasound, and MRIs for tough foot-pain cases

X-rays, ultrasound, MRIs and other diagnostic imaging methods might not often cross a farrier’s path. But when they do, they offer a tremendous opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the horse’s foot as well as information to help that particular case.

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